*The following questions and answers reflect the information listed on USCIS.

Section 1: EB-5 Visa General Information

1. How many immigrant visas are allotted for this classification?
2. What is the history of the EB-5 visa category?
3. What are some of the benefits of the EB-5 visa program?
4. Is EB-5 a truly passive investment?
5. Where can I find a copy of the relevant EB-5 law and regulations to review?
6. I want to invest in the USA and get a green card, is the EB-5 visa suitable for me?
7. What if I want to manage my own business?

Section 2: EB-5 Visa Immigration Matters

1. Must I have previous business experience or education?
2. Must I speak English?
3. Must I be in good health?
4. What are the benefits of the green card?
5.What is meant by the requirement that the investor’s assets be “lawfully gained”?
6. Can money gifted by a parent or other relative be used for an EB-5 Investment?
7. What is the difference between ‘conditional’ and ‘unconditional’ green cards?
8. What is a ‘Conditional’ Green Card?
10. Can I apply for an EB-5 if I have been rejected or terminated in the past by USCIS for an L-1, E-2, B, or other visas?
11. After petition approval, can members of the family interview in different countries?
12. Who receives the permanent residency (‘green card’)?
13. What issue has caused the most problem when applying for an EB-5 visa?
14. How long must I remain in the United States each year?
15. What is the difference between permanent residency and citizenship?
16. Can my Green card be taken away from me? How to keep Your Green Card After You Get It!
17. I have a Green Card and plan on traveling out of the U.S. for a long time. Can I keep my Green Card?
18. I need to travel out of the U.S. for more than a year. Is there anything I can do?
19. How long is a Green Card valid for?
20. Are any countries excluded from eligibility for the EB-5 Visa program?
21. What is an ‘escrow’ account, and when does the investor transfer the money to this account?
22. How does the bank ‘escrow’ account protect me against the risk of losing my money?
23. Can I apply if I am currently without a valid visa?
24. What is a Designated Regional Center?
25. Am I entitled to keep my citizenship from my country of origin?
Section 3: How do I apply for the EB-5 program?
Section 4: Glossary of Terms

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